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Anfragen bzgl. Master- und Bachelorarbeiten richten Sie bitte direkt an die betreffenden Betreuer oder Arbeitsgruppenleiter, wenn nicht anders angegeben.



Das COS bildet Fachinformatiker (m/w), Fachrichtung Systemintegration und Gärtner (m/w) Fachrichtung Zierpflanzenbau aus. (Näheres... )


Abteilung Arendt

 Prof. Detlev Arendt 

Abteilung Frings

 Prof. Stephan Frings
 Dr. Frank Möhrlen

Abteilung Greb

 Prof.Thomas Greb  

PhD position available: Quantitative analysis of the cellular growth dynamics during lateral plant growth (find out more).

Abteilung Hell

Abteilung Holstein

 Prof. Thomas Holstein

Abteilung Koch

Beschreibungen der momentan in der Abteilung Biodiversität und Pflanzensystematik zu vergebenden Stellen finden Sie hier.

Bitte wenden Sie sich mit Anfragen direkt an  Prof. Marcus Koch oder  Prof. Claudia Erbar.

Abteilung Kummer

 Prof. Ursula Kummer 

Abteilung Ingrid Lohmann

 Prof. Ingrid Lohmann

Group homepage

Abteilung Jan Lohmann

 Prof. Jan Lohmann 

Abteilung Maizel

 Prof. Alexis Maizel  

Abteilung Pollerberg

PhD Position in Developmental Neurobiology

Topic: Molecular mechanisms of axon growth

The project in our department aims at a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the growth and navigation of axons during development and regeneration. In particular, we study the role of cell adhesion molecules, cytoskeletal components, and intracellular signalling molecules which mediate between them. The project is basic research but aims at contributing to the development of novel therapeutic approaches, e. g. for axon regeneration (patents). Our major model system is the retina of chick and mouse embryo and our approaches comprise a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art techniques such as elaborate cell and tissue culture systems, molecular biology/biochemistry and micro-/nano-technology, and live imaging microscopy. For details, please visit our webpage and have a look at our review article.

We offer a well equipped department (Faculty of Biosciences) which is member of the COS (Center for Organismal Studies) and IZN (Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences) and also of the Cell Network Excellence Cluster. The Heidelberg Campus provides not only a very stimulating scientific environment but also a wide range of excellent facilities such as the Nikon Imaging Center, electron microscopy core facility, RNAi screening facility, deep sequencing core facility etc.. In our department, we offer supportive mentoring, motivating atmosphere, and safe funding of the PhD projects for 3 years (50% TV-L E13). For questions or applications, please send an email to (CV as a single pdf; please note that any documents submitted by mail cannot be returned).

Stellen / Open Positions 

 Prof. G.E. Pollerberg

Abteilung Rausch

 Prof. Thomas Rausch 
 Dr. Steffen Greiner

Abteilung Schumacher

 Prof. Karin Schumacher

Abteilung Strahl

 Prof. Sabine Strahl

Abteilung Wittbrodt

Alle Doktorarbeiten in der Abteilung Wittbrodt werden über HBIGS  gehandhabt. 

Anfragen auf Bachelor-, Master- oder PostDoc-Ebene richten Sie bitte an  Jochen Wittbrodt.

Anfragen in den AGs Braunbeck, Centanin und Poggi richten Sie bitte direkt an die entsprechenden Arbeitsgruppenleiter. 


Unabhängige Nachwuchsgruppen

 Dr. Annika Guse  

 Dr. Emmanuel Gaquerel  

 Dr. Gislene Pereira  

 Juniorprof. Dr. Steffen Lemke  

 Dr. Amal J. Johnston  

 Dr. Guido Grossmann  

 Dr. Jan-Felix Evers  

 Dr. Sebastian Wolf  


Metabolomics Core Technology Platform

Anfragen bitte an Dr. Markus Wirtz




 Prof.Thomas Rausch



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