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Dr. Dmitry German

Dr. Dmitry German
Dr. Dmitry German
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BrassiBase: Tools and biological resources to study characters and traits in the Brassicaceae (DFG - SSP1529)

We aim to develop a system of cross-referenced information and resources on Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) taxonomy, systematics, evolution, chromosome numbers, accurate enumeration of all species, traits and characters and germplasm resources. At the first stage, the goal is making a family-wide and comprehensive survey of character and trait distribution within the reliable phylogenetic framework supplied with a comprehensive documentation of the taxonomy and systematics of the entire family. This will include a database with all the relevant taxonomic, systematic and phylogenetic literature; a comprehensive data collection of characters and traits including all potentially adaptive traits scientists participating in SSP 1529 are interested in. A DNA-based identification tool for genera and species; electronic interactive keys for the identification of genera and species, and a setup of a carefully selected and documented germplasm collection representing the entire family are to be incorporated further on. Basic research will be conducted to provide first and comparative insights into the evolution of characters and traits over the whole family utilizing also the data collected during the project. The results and framework provided herein will be the basis and starting point for other projects focusing in more details on individual characters and traits – inside and outside SSP 1529 “Adaptomics”.



Relevant publications:


Kiefer M., Schmickl R., German D. A., Mandáková T., Lysak M. A., Al-Shehbaz I. A., Franzke A., Mummenhoff K., Stamatakis A., Koch M. A. 2014. BrassiBase: introduction to a novel knowledge database on Brassicaceae evolution. Plant and Cell Physiology 55 (1): e3. [doi:10.1093/pcp/pct158]


Koch M. A., Kiefer M., German D. A., Al-Shehbaz I. A., Franzke A., Mummenhoff K., Schmickl R. 2012. BrassiBase: Tools and biological resources to study characters and traits in the Brassicaceae – version 1.1. Taxon 61 (5): 1001–1009. 

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