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Prof. Dr. David G. Robinson

Prof. Dr. David G. Robinson
Prof. Dr. David G. Robinson
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Intracellular protein transport in plant cells is the principal research interest of the Department of Plant Cell Biology. Although much is known about the mechanisms underlying vesicle-mediated protein trafficking in mammalian and yeast cells, and many of the molecular players (e.g. vesicle coat proteins, tethering factors, SNAREs, rabGTPases) appear to be conserved throughout the eukaryotic kingdom, there are numerous plant-specific factors which need to be identified and characterized. Theserelate to the unique features of the endomembrane system of the plant cell, e.g. a polydisperse motile Golgi apparatus which does not fragment during mitosis, multiple vacuolar compartments including a protein storage compartment, cell-plate facilitated cytokinesis.

The Dept. of Plant Cell Biology has a strong structural emphasis (see also COS Electron Microscope Facility) having state-of-the-art equipment for antigen localization at the electron microscopic (cryosectioning, high pressure freezing) and light microscopic (CLSM) levels. Laboratories and service rooms fully equipped for standard biochemical and molecular biological investigations are also present.


Current research the Dept. of Plant Cell Biology is focussed on the following aspects of the plant secretory and endocytic pathways:


- Identification and dynamics of ER-export sites (ERES) and ER-import sites (ERIS)

- Functional characterization of plant p24 proteins and their role in ER-Golgi transport

- Characterization of plant ARF-GAP proteins

- Analysis of BFA function and BFA compartment formation

- Biogenesis of multivesicular bodies

- Perturbation of ER-to-Golgi vesicle traffic through interference with tethering factor function and SNARE-SNARE interactions

- Plant retromer: identification, localization, function

- Characterization of EXPO (exocyst positive organelles) in plants

- Studies on autophagy

- Analysis of plant-expressed pharmaceutically relevant proteins


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