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Modelling of Biological Processes

Dr. Frank T. Bergmann

Python Course (SS 2017)


The python course will take place from July 10th-14th, in Seminar Room 42 at the BioQuant. We start Monday morning at 10am. 


In this course I will introduce you to Python, a powerful scripting language that is available across all operating systems. Python is easy to learn and can be used for simple scripting tasks, or for creating full featured applications or web sites. We will start from the very beginnings so no prior knowledge of programming will be expected. This is going to be a hands-on course, so don't forget to bring your laptop. 

Required Software

This year we will be using the anaconda system. To safe you time during the workshop, please install a copy of anaconda for Python 2.7 onto your laptop. You can find this download directly from the anaconda website under the following URLs: 


  • Day 1: Python Basics, control flow structures, functions
  • Day 2: Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, Decorators, Classes
  • Day 3: inheritence, file io, functional aspects of python, modules
  • Day 4: Numpy / SciPy / MatPlotLib
  • Day 5: Python in computational & systems biology: SBML, COPASI


Slides will be uploaded after each days session, exercises ought to be there at the start of the session.

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