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Biodiversity and Plant Systematics

Florian Michling

Florian Michling
Florian Michling
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Hi there!


I'm researching the endangered herb Dianthus gratianopolitanus in a conservation biology context. When I started out, my research focus was on 'conservation genetics'. Meanwhile, it has extended into various aspects of evolutionary biology and evolutionary ecology.


Other projects I’m working on include species delimitation and introgression in the water lily species Nymphaea candida & Nymphaea alba, evolution & ecology of the invasive herb Bunias orientalis (with Lisa Tewes & Caroline Müller, Bielefeld), niche evolution in South American Hypericum spp. (with Nikolai Nürk, Bayreuth) and the genetics of hybridization between Arabidopsis arenosa and Arabidopsis lyrata with Graham Muir.

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Research Interests

Lately I’ve been trying to leave behind data dredging and the mere interpretation of patterns by disciplining myself to stringent hypothesis testing relying on formal data analysis. I’ve also become interested in phylogenetic comparative methods and in proper implementation of the elusive ecological experiment. During the process I’ve come to be an avid promoter of using flexible tools in data analysis (i.e. R) to visualize, test and simulate data for better inference.

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Skills & Experience

specimen collection (land & water ;-) and documentation · DNA extraction & handling · genotyping techniques · capillary electrophoresis · flow-cytometry · lab management & maintenance · supervision of students and technical staff · teaching (school, undergrad- & grad students) · raw data processing and (statistical) data analysis, including next generation sequencing data · data visualisation ·  working in a team

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PhD Thesis

Alongside my project work, I was offered the opportunity to attain a post-graduate degree (Dr. rer. nat.). I aim at submitting my thesis in early 2017:
“The evolutionary and population history of Cheddar Pink - a flagship species in European biodiversity conservation."
 The project is funded by Stiftung Naturschutzfonds Baden-Württemberg. 

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Marsiliius-Kolleg der Universität Heidelberg (2014)

Stiftung Natuschutzfonds Baden-Württemberg (2011 - 2014)

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Koch MA, Meyer N, Engelhardt M, Thiv M, Bernhardt K-G, Landau A, Michling F (2016) Morphological and genetic variation of highly endangered Bromus species and the status of these neolithical weeds in Central Europe. Plant Systematics and Evolution 302: 515-525.

Tewes LJ, Michling F, Koch MA, Müller C (accepted) Intracontinental plant invader shows matching genetic and chemical profiles and might benefit from high defence variation within populations. Journal of Ecology.

Nürk NM, Michling F, Linder HP (in prep.). Summer every day winter every night – niche shifts during assembly of tropical-alpine floras.




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