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Christof Nikolaus Schröder

Christof Nikolaus Schröder
Christof Nikolaus Schröder
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The Werner Rauh Heritage Project

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Prof. Werner Rauh (1913–2000) studied Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Geology at Leipzig, Innsbruck and Halle (Saale). In 1956 he was appointed as associate Professor of Botany at Heidelberg University. In 1960 he became full Professor and Director of the newly established «Institut für systematische Botanik und Pflanzengeographie», until 2010 Heidelberg Institute for Plant Science (HIP), now part of Centre for Organismal Studies (COS Heidelberg). He held this position until he retired in 1981 and beyond that until 1982.

During his time as director and in his retirement until 1994, he made more than 36 expeditions, mainly to South- and Central-America, as well as to the south of Africa and particularly to Madagascar. From these journeys, he took innumerable plants to the Botanical Gardens Heidelberg, especially succulents, bromeliads and orchids, which are a valuable part of today's living collection and of the Herbarium (HEID). During his expeditions he scribed more than 90 booklets with detailed information not only about the plants collected, but on vegetation and geology of the regions he visited. A total of 8.776 hand written pages with more than 19.000 entries, hardly accessible for research, were scanned in 2008 and 2009 and are now being processed within «The Werner Rauh Heritage Project».

The heart of the project is a relational database to store the heterogenous information found in the field books, as well as to link it to a clear taxonomy and to the garden's database. A number of powerful tools are being developed to enable researchers to search the database for information like collected taxa by name, Rauh's field numbers and the place of collection etc. The central parts of the database are a look-up table with the itineraries of Werner Rauh's journeys (all geographical points to be found in his field books, with the taxa collected or observed) and another table with the taxa entries (all taxa with a field number noted in the field books). Tables with synonyms and basionyms and protologue data are included as well as links to other taxonomic databases, e.g. IPNI and TROPICOS.

«The Werner Rauh Heritage Project» is funded by Klaus Tschira Stiftung gGmbH 


Virtuelles Herbarium Bochkoltz   (2017 ...)

CNSflora   (2016 ...)

Werner Rauh Heritage Project (2009 ... 2016)

Fieldbook Entry-Datensätze 


SCHRÖDER, C.N.: Catalogus Abbreviationum in Schedis Herbariorum usitatorum — Katalog der auf Herbarbelegen gebräuchlichen Abkürzungen. [submitted for 2019].

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (2018).: Tillandsia pseudomicans Rauh 25945 – Locus classicus und Original-Material / Locus classicus and original material. In: Die Bromelie. [accepted]

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (2018).: Die Geschichte von Ceropegia simoneae Rauh – Bemerkungen zur Entdeckung und zum Original-Material. In: Avonia. [accepted]

SCHRÖDER, C.N.; SACK, P. & KOCH, M.A. (2015): Some notes on original material and locus classicus of Deuterocohnia meziana Kuntze ex Mex var. carmineo-viridiflora Rauh (Bromeliaceae). In: Plant Div. Evol. Vol. 131/4, pp. 1–15 DOI 10.1127/pde/2015/0131-0083 .

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (2015): Pitcairnia aureobrunnea Rauh: Locus classicus und Typifizierung / Pitcairnia aureobrunnea Rauh: Locus classicus and typification. In: Die Bromelie 2015 (2), pp. 65–73.

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (2013): Werner Rauh’s Centenary and the Werner Rauh Heritage Project
in: IOS-Bulletin 15(6), pp. 154–158. online 

SCHRÖDER, C.N. & Mansfeld, P.A. (2013): Die Sansevieria-Aufsammlungen von Werner Rauh. In: Sansevieria Online Jg. 1(1) 2013, pp. 13–24 online ..

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (2013): 100 Jahre Werner Rauh (1913–2000). In: Kakteen Haage: Katalog «Pflanzen- und Samenangebot 2013», pp. 22 & 69.

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (2013): Von den Mulde-Auen zur Cordillera Blanca — Zum 100. Geburtstag des Botanikers Werner Rauh (*16.05.1913 †07.04.2000). In: Die Bromelie 2013(2), pp. 63–69 / Die Bromelie 2013(3), pp. 123–129.

KOCH, M.A.; SCHRÖDER, C.N.; KIEFER, M. & SACK, P. (2013): A treasure of plant biodiversity from the 20th century – The Werner Rauh Heritage Project at Heidelberg Botanical Garden and Herbarium. In memoriam of the 100th birthday of Prof. Dr. Werner Rauh (* 16th Mai 1913 in Niemegk; † 7th April 2000 in Heidelberg). In: Plant Systemtics and Evolution. online 

ETTELT, J.; SCHRÖDER, C.N. & WITTNER, H. (2011): Streiflichter aus dem Kakteenparadies Nordperu – Charakterpflanze der Täler: Armatocereus rauhii Backeb. In: Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten, 62 (7) 174–182.

SCHRÖDER, C.N.; SACK, P. & KOCH, M.A. (2011): The Werner Rauh Heritage Project at Heidelberg Botanical Gardens and Herbarium (HEID). In: BORSCH, T. e.a. (2011): BioSystematics Berlin 2011, 21–27 February 2011: Programme and Abstracts. [Published by the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Freie Universität Berlin] 327–328.

SCHRÖDER, C.N. (1990): Die Pflanzenwelt auf einer Moorfläche am Europahaus in Otzenhausen. In: Beiträge zur Botanik des Hunsrücks (Hochwälder Hefte zur Heimatgeschichte, 10 (Vol. 30) 49–51).

... and numerous further in Theology, Church Music and German Studies.

Curriculum Vitæ

2003–2004: Public Administration studies (Focus: Science and Research Management & International Affairs) at Deutsche Universität für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer (German National University for Public Administration)

1996–1998: Church Music studies at Musikhochschule Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Musical Academy)

1991–1996: Theology and German Studies at Heidelberg University

1987–1991: Chemistry studies at Heidelberg University

Degrees: Staatsexamen Gymnasium (State examination for Grammar School) & Mag. rer. publ. (Master of Public Administration)

since 2009: Project-Coordinator of «The Werner Rauh Heritage Project»

2004–2009: Manager of a scientific publishing house

2003: Swiss National Science Foundation, Dept. International Affairs.

2001–2003: DFG-Project «Heidelberger Hypertext-Server», Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, scientific staff

1998–2001: Faculty of Theology, Heidelberg University, scientific staff

1996–1997: Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg (Heidelberg University for Jewish Studies), Head of Department IT Services

1990–1995: Department of Computational Linguistics (Modern Languages Faculty), Heidelberg University, IT staff


Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft / German Society for Plant Science (DBG)

Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Flora Deutschlands / German Flora Research Association (GEFD)

International Organisation for Succulent Plant Study (IOS), Member of board 2014–2017

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