Thursday, 5.12.2019
Prof. Dr. Markus Pauly


Center for Synthetic Life Sciences, University of Düsseldorf, Germany


"Plant cell walls - synthesis and signals"


Place:INF 230, R. 00.001
Host:Prof. Dr. Thomas Greb


The biomass of higher plants consists of a complex composite material that surrounds all plant cells in form of a cell wall. The structure of this wall has evolved to benefit the sessile life-styles of plants allowing their survival for up to several millennia.
> Plant cell walls consist of a complex aggregate of microcrystalline cellulose microfibrils, crosslinking water-soluble hemicelluloses, acidic pectic polysaccharides and in some cases the water repellent polyphenol, lignin. Major advances have been made in identifying the proteins that are involved in the synthesis of these polysaccharides in particular glycosyltransferases necessary to synthesize hemicelluloses. Genetic manipulation of the synthesis machinery allows for the synthesis of novel polysaccharides in the plant AND their functional assessment in the life cycle of the plant. Wall structural modifications can be perceived by the plants with sometimes surprising reactions.



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