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Teaching at COS Heidelberg

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Information by the Faculty of Biosciences

Contact at COS: Roland Gromes (Lehrkoordinator COS)

Bachelor of
Biosciences / Teaching Degree

  • Focus on basic principles of life and common mechanisms
  • Integration of plant and animal curricular contents
  • Implementation of research projects into teaching
  • Student involvement in developing research questions and experiments
  • Stimulation of collaborations and discussions among students

Master of
Molecular Biosciences

  • Focused teaching programs for high level of expertise
  • Intense practical training by numerous lab-rotations
  • Fully research oriented curricula
  • Interdisciplinary teaching by combining modules from diverse majors
  • Opportunities for international lab visits
  • Wide choice of research projects offered by COS and partners

PhD Program

  • Structured curriculum based on individual background and needs
  • Participation in a set of seminars, symposia and external internships
  • Facilitation of interdisciplinary collaborations on the campus and outside
  • Guidance and support by the thesis advisory committee (TAC)



For available theses to be performed in labs at COS Heidelberg, please see the Job opportunities page or contact the head of the lab in question directly. 




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