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Biodiversity and Plant Systematics

Dr. Eva Wolf

Dr. Eva Wolf
Dr. Eva Wolf
Im Neuenheimer Feld 345
69120 Heidelberg
Fon +49 6221 54-4676
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Research interests 

I’m interested in the evolutionary dynamics that have shaped and still act on biodiversity in our rapidly changing world. In my PhD project I focused on the evolutionary history of Cochlearia (Brassicaceae), a cold-adapted plant genus that presumably once originated in Mediterranean areas, but was strongly affected by several Pleistocene glacial periods that might have driven the parallel adaptation to various cold characterized habitats, such as the circum-Arctic regions and Central European high alpine regions, where different taxa can be found today.

Based on Next-Generation Sequencing data and insights from different cytogenetic methods, I am working on phylogenomics and genome evolution of the genus and, together with Lúa López, I’m trying to investigate the impact of past natural selection events and the mechanisms of ecological speciation.



Nora Hohmann, Eva M. Wolf, Philippe Rigault, Wenbin Zhou, Markus Kiefer, Yunpeng Zhao, Cheng-Xin Fu, Marcus A. Koch (2018). Ginkgo biloba’s footprint of dynamic Pleistocene history dates back only 390,000 years ago. BMC Genomics 19:299.
Lua Lopez, Eva M. Wolf, J. Chris Pires, Patrick P. Edger, Marcus A. Koch (2017). Molecular Resources from Transcriptomes in the Brassicaceae Family. Frontiers in plant science, 8, 1488.

Nora Hohmann, Eva M. Wolf, Martin Lysak, Marcus A. Koch (2015). A Time-Calibrated Road Map of Brassicaceae Species Radiation and Evolutionary History. The Plant Cell doi:

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