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Biodiversity and Plant Systematics

Dr. Fabian Bratzel

Fabian moved in 2020 to Praque, Charles University, Department of Botany


Dr. Fabian Bratzel
Dr. Fabian Bratzel
Im Neuenheimer Feld 345
69120 Heidelberg
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Plant collections in Botanical Gardens: Living resources for integrative evolution research (BMBF - Evo-BoGa)


In close collaboration with the Group of Prof. Georg Zizka/Dr. Juraj Paule at the Senckenberg Institute in Frankfurt am Main, we are interested in developing a DNA barcoding procedure for the Bromeliaceae family. The project is part of the BMBF funding programme “Vernetzen – Erschließen – Forschen.  Allianz für universitäre Sammlungen“, that aims to facilitate and modernize the scientific, educational and conservational usability of living and dry plant collections at botanical gardens and herbariums.

Our Bromeliad barcoding protocol will be designed in order to provide botanical gardens with a simple and accurate plant determination procedure for their Bromeliaceae collection. Jointly with the botanical garden of the University of Berlin we will establish a database that integrates and links the barcoding data with any other scientifically relevant information from Bromeliad and Cactaceae collections among botanical gardens and herbariums.

Additionally, we are elaborating a Bromeliaceae specific targeted sequence capture approach (Hyb-Seq) in order to select low-copy number nuclear marker-genes for a comprehensive phylogenomic reconstruction of Bromeliad evolution.

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