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Plant Molecular Biology

Dr. Francy Forero Ruiz

Dr. Francy Forero Ruiz
Dr. Francy Forero Ruiz



The Nα terminal acetylation (NTA) of proteins is one of the most abundant protein modifications in eukaryotic cells and mainly occurs co-translationally.  NTA is catalyzed by six different N-acetyl-transferases (Nat) protein complexes (Nat A-E), however, all of them differ in their substrate specificity. In Arabidopsis thaliana, Nα-acetylation is catalyzed mainly by NatA, NatB and NatC.  The NatA complex, which consists of a catalytic subunit Naa10 and auxiliary subunit Naa15, modifies the majority of Nα-acetylated proteins in eukaryotes. So far NTA has been shown to regulate protein stability, protein interaction and membrane translocation of a limited number of target proteins. Most of the studies about the function of NTA in eukaryotic cells have been addressed in human and yeast, but little is known about this modification in plants until now. During my PhD. thesis I will investigate further about the contribution of NTA in plant protein stability as well as in plant response to environmental stress.

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