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Animal Molecular Physiology

Dr. Frank Möhrlen

Dr. Frank Möhrlen
Dr. Frank Möhrlen
Im Neuenheimer Feld 504
69120 Heidelberg
Fon +49 6221 54-5887
Fax +49 6221 54-6162
frank.moehrlen AET

We are working on several aspects of sensory transduction and investigate molecular mechanisms used by sensory neurons to translate external stimuli into the electrical signals the brain needs to interpret the outer world.

We study proteins that are involved in the transduction process, and we are particularly interested in ion channels. Our lab work is, therefore, mainly electrophysiology (patch clamp), protein biochemistry, fluorescence imaging and immunohistochemistry. We use these techniques to study structure and function of ion channels and their expression patterns in sensory neurons. Our current focus is on olfactory sensory neurons and on nociceptors, the sensory neurons that mediate the perception of pain. More information about our research and methods can be found here.


Current teaching activities of Dr. Frank Möhrlen can be found in the university information system LSF.

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