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Cytoskeleton, Cell Division and Signalling

Prof. Dr. Gislene Pereira

Prof. Dr. Gislene Pereira
Prof. Dr. Gislene Pereira
Im Neuenheimer Feld 230
69120 Heidelberg
Fon +49 6221 54-6459
gislene.pereira AET

The Pereira Lab:

Cytoskeleton, Cell Cycle and Signalling


Accurate chromosome segregation depends upon the precise coordination of mitotic events and on safeguard mechanisms, such as the spindle assembly and position checkpoints. We are interested in understanding the coordination of mitotic events; more specifically, how spindle orientation and cytokinesis are coordinated with chromosome segregation. We are also interested in substructures of the centrosome, named centrioles, which organize the formation of cilia in specialized cells.


Project topics in the lab comprise:


  • The surveillance mechanism of the spindle position checkpoint
  • Control of the early steps of ciliogenesis
  • Centrosome asymmetry in stem cells
  • Regulation of cytokinesis


More detailed information coming soon....

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