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Plant Molecular Biology

Dr. Ilaria Forieri

Dr. Ilaria Forieri
Dr. Ilaria Forieri


The interaction of iron and sulfur metabolism in plants

Iron (Fe) and sulphur (S) are plant nutrients that often limit yield of crop plants; thus complex regulatory networks have evolved in plants to regulate homeostasis in case of nutrient deficiency. Fe and S are, among many other functions, required for the synthesis of Fe-S clusters, which play a fundamental role in the electron transport chains (ETCs) of chloroplasts and mitochondria, i.e. the powerhouses of energy metabolism. In this project, we want to investigate whether an imbalance between Fe and S supply is able to affect the synthesis of Fe-S clusters in Arabidopsis thaliana and if the control systems of sulphur metabolism on one side and iron metabolism on the other side mutually affect each other to optimize performance of growth and development and limiting conditions. Therefore, a combination of biochemical and genetic techniques will be used. In order to further investigate the impact of S metabolism on plant development, analysis will be conducted using mutants, such as sir 1-1 (sulfite reductase), of Arabidopsis thaliana. This and other mutants have been proven to be useful genetic tools for the characterization of S metabolic pathway, its interaction with other primary pathways and developmental processes. 


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