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Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Major



The development of a living organism from a single cell is a spectacular process.  It represents a masterpiece of temporal and spatial coordination of gene expression, of cellular events and communication between many different cell and tissue types.


Aim of  research and teaching in the Major "Developmental and Stem Cell Biology"  is to gain understanding of the mechanisms that guide a fertilized egg and the resulting daughter cells through cell divisions and complex morphogenetic rearrangements, with crucial checkpoints in time and space to ultimately emerge the body axes as well as complex structures such as eyes, brain or flowers. The structures of the adult organism need not only to be established, but are also maintained throughout adult life by the activity of stem cells in their respective niches.


Organismal development and the role of stem cell mediated growth and homeostasis is in the research focus of the scientists participating in the Major "Developmental and Stem Cell Biology".


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