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Master Molecular Biosciences



General Structure and Information


The international master program in Molecular Biosciences at the University of Heidelberg starts each year in October and lasts 2 years (4 semesters).

The 1st semester consists of two modules “Frontiers of Biosciences I & II”, which provide a solid background in advanced biosciences. Each module lasts 9 weeks, of which 5-6 weeks you spend in course work and 3 weeks are intended for exam preparation.

The formal course work for each module consists of a lecture with accompanying tutorial and a practical course with accompanying literature seminar. There are written examinations at the end of each lecture.

The modules “Focus Biosciences I & II” in the 2nd semester have a similar structure, whereas the teaching is specific to the appropriate major and provides a wide choice of practical courses.

In the 3rd semester you attend the modules “Biolab” and “Working in Biosciences”. During these modules you undertake lab rotations, working for 6-8 weeks on your own project in the laboratory of your choice. It is possible to do these lab rotations during the semester breaks and thus complete the master program within 18 months. 

During the last 4th semester you are working for 6 months on your master thesis, which has to be defended at the end.






Frontiers of BioScience I & II


The modules “Frontiers of Biosciences I & II” are shared by all Majors of the Master Molecular Biosciences and cover a wide variety of topics to provide you a solid background in advanced biosciences. For the specific curricula of the different Majors see their specific pages.



Frontiers of BioScience I - Lectures



Frontiers of BioScience II - Lectures


The lecture of Frontiers of BioScience II starts with a common mandatory week covering essential scientific core competencies. The module is completed by at least two self-chosen Major modules. Major modules with the same numbering take place in parallel.



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