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Modelling of Biological Processes

Priyata Kalra

Priyata Kalra
Priyata Kalra
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 Whole Body Scale Modeling of Interferon Alpha Signalling.


Guide: Prof. Ursula Kummer ,Dr. Lars Kuepfer and Dr. Frederik Graw


The content of this PhD is part of the ImmunoQuant project funded by the BMBF (Bundesmin- isterium for Bildung und Forschung). Most studies explore either the pharmacodynamics of ligand receptor interaction or ligand signaling on the cellular scale separately. This work aims to unite the pharmacodynamics model and the cellular model of IFN − α.

Collaboration: Dr. Mario Köster at Helmholtz Centre of Infections Research,Braunschweig

For a detailed CV, please view my LinkedIn profile.

Outside PhD, you will find me being dreamy on the philosophies of life via poetry slams and cooking and being a yogi or practising zen through martial arts.


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