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COS PhD Program

Following admission to the COS PhD program, you need to get enrolled (in this order) at the COS/HBIGS PhD offices, at the Faculty of Biosciences, and, optionally, at Heidelberg University. Students from abroad may additionally need to apply for visa and/or residence permits. A guideline outlining these procedures is provided by the Graduate Acadamy of Heidelberg University and can be found in the Download Section.
Starting with enrollment at the COS PhD office, each student documents his/her activities of the PhD curriculum (TAC meetings, participation in seminars, retreats, conferences, etc.) on a dedicated document, the so-called blue sheet. As the blue sheet serves as proof of participation, it must not be lost and needs to be signed by the COS PhD program coordinator (Prof. Alexis Maizel) before you can register for your thesis defense.




COS PhD Office

!! No more applications -  Discontinued !!

INF 230

Program Coordination /
Prof. Alexis Maizel

Fon 06221-546456
Fax 06221-546424
alexis.maizel (at)

Dr. Steffen Lemke
Fon 06221-545553
steffen.lemke (at)



HBIGS Office


INF 501

Program Coordination /
Dr. Rolf Lutz
Fon 06221-546721
r.lutz (at)

Administration / 
Martina Galvan

Fon 06221-546720
c.galvan (at)

Faculty of Biosciences

INF 234

Dean /
Prof. Andres Jäschke
Fon 06221-545648    
Fax 06221-544953 
dekanat-bio (at)

Prodekanin PhD Students /
Prof. Ursula Kummer
International Students Office
Heidelberg University

Seminarstrasse 2

Registration of International Students
Room 22-27

Mon - Fri, 10am - noon
Mon & Thu, 1pm - 3pm
Fon 06221-545454
studium (at)





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