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COS PhD Program

The COS PhD program emphasizes on independent research and is complemented by an attractive and thorough PhD curriculum. The curriculum builds upon and expands the individual background and expertise of our students and will be recognized by an established credit point system. 

Course Program 

The course program is structured into core courses and extended activities. The core course of COS/HBIGS that offers practical training courses in biochemistry, imaging, genetics, molecular biology, FACS analysis etc. Experimental core education is complemented - in collaboration with the Graduiertenakademie - by soft skill courses in scientific writing, scientific presentations, and career opportunities. The set of core courses is extended by more specific courses/activities that are recognized by an established credit point system.

Support & Supervision  

Students are supervised by a thesis advisory committee (TAC) consisting of the direct supervisor of the thesis and two additional PIs. Each student and his/her TAC meet at the beginning of the PhD to discuss scientific background and preliminary outline of an PhD project. After that, students and their respective TACs meet annually to discuss their progress and future research direction. In addition, students report on the progress of his/her work in weekly seminars, where work and future research directions will be discussed and evaluated by PIs and peers.



The program is open to students from Germany and from abroad who hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) in life sciences, chemistry, medicine, or related fields. All courses are held in English. 



As part of the international graduate school HBIGS, application and selection follows the standards and procedures of HBIGS.




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