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COS PhD Program

The PhD program emphasizes on independent research. Laboratory work is complemented by a PhD curriculum in which a student completes the equivalent of at least 15 credit points (according to the European Credit Transfer System). Support and supervision is ensured by a thesis advisory committee consisting of the direct supervisor of the thesis and two additional PIs who advise and guide the student during the course of his/her PhD. 


!!! Important: the COS PhD program is no longer accepting new students. Students now apply to the HBIGS graduate program.  !!!

PhD Research 

The Centre of Organismal Studies is in the middle of the Heidelberg Life Science Campus, and it offers a stimulating and collaborative environment for ambitious PhD research projects with links to DKFZ, EMBL, and the Max Planck Insititutes. With a strong focus on maintaining a broad spectrum of organismal systems, biological questions can be analyzed and compared in different model organisms (e.g. stem cell biology in plants and animals). Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and run by research groups with international background.


PhD Curriculum 

Work in the laboratory is complemented by a structured course program. This curriculum comprises practical courses to improve technical skills at the bench, get introduced to latest biological methods, and to improve soft skills like writing and data presentation. In addition, the curriculum ensures scientific exchange through seminar series, lecture series, and conference attendence.


Support & Supervision 

Each PhD research project is supervised by a thesis advisory committee (TAC). This committee consists of the direct supervisor of the thesis and two additional PIs. At the beginning of the PhD, TAC and student will discuss the preliminary outline of a PhD project. The TAC then attends PhD project and students through annual meetings, where it ensures progress and, if necessary, provides advise and guidance. 


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