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Dr. Roland Gromes

Dr. Roland Gromes
Dr. Roland Gromes
INF 360, R032
69120 Heidelberg
Fon +49 6221 54-5589
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roland.gromes AET

Office hour: Online-office via heiCONF (Tue 10:00-11:00) or by appointment via telephone or email

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The Centre of Organismal Studies Heidelberg builds on a strong tradition of basic and advanced teaching at the former institutes of botany and zoology. With the inception of COS, the task is now to integrate and further develop this teaching program to allow students to see beyond organismal boundaries and to actively participate in current research of our new centre. To this end, we teach students of the biosciences from their first steps, encompassing the introductory courses for general biology, biodiversity, biochemistry, physiology and molecular and cell biology, up to the completion of their bachelor, master and PhD theses.

We aim to guide them to a comprehensive understanding of biology at multiple levels of complexity ranging from single molecules to ecosystems. An important part in student training is the full integration of plant and animal biology to raise awareness for alternative solutions to similar biological problems during evolution. Since COS Heidelberg has a diverse research portfolio, it is also uniquely positioned to offer hands on research experience to many interested students early in their careers, with the hope to inspire them to become independent, innovative and successful scientists. My contribution to this task is to support lecturers in organizing and coordinating these efforts and to aid in the communication between students and teaching staff.

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