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Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hell



Metabolomics Core Technology Platform
at the University of Heidelberg



The Metabolomics Core Technology Platform offers a broad range of qualitative and quantitative metabolite analyses.

We are located at the Centre for Organismal Studies Heidelberg (COS Heidelberg) and are member of the HMLS core facility program.



The MCTP provides analytical services for untargeted and targeted metabolite analyses.

Untargeted analyses can be performed for comprehensive metabolite fingerprinting by LC-MS/MS leading to a spectrum of mainly primary metabolites (e.g. members of Citric Acid Cycle).

The evaluation of accomplished projects since the start of MCTP reveals a significant demand for targeted customer-defined metabolites.
Therefore the MCTP performs targeted metabolite profiling and single compound analysis. This allows us to routinely analyze and quantify the following classes of compounds:

-      Inorganic ions
-      Carbohydrates / sugars
-      Amino acids
-      Nucleotides (e.g. ATP/ADP)
-      Thiols (Glutathione and Cysteine)

For the targeted analysis of additional metabolites please contact the MTCP.

Our service includes extraction, separation and detection of metabolites and basic bio-informatics of your data.



The so far analyzed sample matrices include metabolite extracts of

-      Prokaryotes
-      Yeast
-      Cell culture (Drosophila and human)
-      Human, animal and plant tissues
-      Human body fluids and cell culture/bacterial supernatants

Measurements of further matrices can be established upon request.


Current Equipment

-      HPLC systems (Waters and Dionex) equipped with fluorescence, UV and pulsed amperometric
       detectors for targeted analyses

-      UPLC system coupled to a XEVO qTOF MS/MS (Waters) for unbiased comparative analyses


Access to the Service

All researchers of the University of Heidelberg, the Heidelberg and Mannheim University Hospital, the DKFZ, the MPImF and the EMBL are welcome to request help or place orders for metabolite analyses.

Before sample submission please contact Dr. Gernot Poschet to discuss your project in detail.



The costs of core facility services – system usage and consumables - have to be charged directly to the users. For detailed prices of the different analyses please contact the MCTP.



Please read carefully the "General guideline for metabolite analyses" with specified requirements for metabolite analyses.

Before submitting your samples, please download and fill out the "Sample submission sheet" and hand it in together with the samples.

For more general information on the MTCP's services as well as users' rights and duties see our "End-user license agreement".


  Sample submission sheet

  General guideline for metabolite analyses

  End-user license agreement



- Establishment of a detection method for dicarboxylic organic acids (e.g. malate, fumarate, citrate) according to requirements of our customers.

- Successful application at HMLS "Funding of Core Facilities by HMLS" program for an Acquity photodiode-array detector (PDA) detector, which will significantly enhance our capability for customer-defined metabolite analyses.

- Currently, we are applying at CellNetworks Equipment Program 2013 for an UPLC-system connected to a fluorescence detector. The comination of fluorescence detection with outstanding resolution of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography would allow us sensitive high through-put  analyses of several metbaolite classes e.g. amines, nucleotides, which in focus of many MCTP customers .


Contact details

Dr. Gernot Poschet                             Metabolomics Core Technology Platform

Tel.: 06221-545536                            Im Neuenheimer Feld 360  - Room -118

Fax: 06221-545334                            69120 Heidelberg


Dr. Gernot Poschet


Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hell                         Molecular Plant Biology

Tel.: 06221-546284                            Im Neuenheimer Feld 360

Fax: 06221-545334


Prof. Rüdiger Hell


Metabolomics Initiative at EMBL-Heidelberg

The metabolomics initiative at EMBL’s Core Facilities aims at facilitating metabolomics analysis in various basic and applied life science research projects at EMBL and the HMLS community. The EMBL initiative is closely linked with the metabolomics center at the Heidelberg University. This joint effort is expected to help covering a wide range of technologies and expertise (including data analysis) and thereby intended to achieving comprehensive analysis of cellular metabolism.

Present Equipment Overview:

Currently EMBL’s metabolomics set-up includes one H-class UPLC instrument (Waters) connected to an UV & a RI detector. The UPLC system can be operated in a stand-alone mode for routine extra-cellular sample analysis or coupled to mass spectrometry for metabolomics applications.


Dr. Jeroen Krijgsveld, Team Leader and Head of Proteomics Core Facility, EMBL 

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