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Plant Molecular Physiology

Dr. Sanja Matern

Dr. Sanja Matern
Dr. Sanja Matern
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Role of Cellular Redox State in Plant Immunity

Glutathione is an important metabolite with multiple functions in plants. The functions of glutathione include roles in biosynthetic pathways, detoxification, antioxidant biochemistry and redox homeostasis. Moreover, the pivotal role of glutathione for plants health, stress tolerance and, in particular, defence against various pathogens has been demonstrated for several plants mutants which are deficient in enzymes required for glutathione synthesis.
With the goal to improve broad range defence potential against stress conditions, transgenic lines of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) are generated with strongly upgraded glutathione content using overexpression system of bacterial bifunctional enzyme from Streptococcus thermophilus (γ-GCL/GS).

The project explores transgenic tobacco lines for increased plant defence against adapted and non-adapted bacterial pathogens such as hemibiotrophs (Pseudomonas syringae). I am interested to find new targets of plant immunity where glutathione and redox change could have important and novel role. Besides this, using redox sensitive GFP I am interested in visualisation of redox homeostasis changes upon pathogen infection.

Additionally, this may open a new approach to improve performance of crop plants against biotic stress.



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