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Dr. Stefan Hillmer

Dr. Stefan Hillmer
Dr. Stefan Hillmer
Im Neuenheimer Feld 345
69120 Heidelberg
Fon +49 6221 54-6365
stefan.hillmer AET

Since 2015 the COS Electron Microscope Facility is part of the Electron Microscopy Core Facility of the Universisty of Heidelberg (EMCF). The EMCF is located in INF345 and serves the whole campus. If you are interested in getting help with electron microscopy please visit the EMCF website at .

My major emphasis lies in teaching specimen preparation and electron microscopy to students and users of the COS Electron Microscope Facility as well as supporting the research projects of the Department of Plant Developmental Biology.

Personal long term research interests are vacuole biogenesis and protein sorting and trafficking in the secretory system of plant cells. Improvement of methods for transmission electron microscopy, in particular cryomethods for localizing proteins in plant cells have supplement these research interests substantially over the years. pd_wide_r.jpgAs a result high pressure freezing and subsequent freeze substitution with minimal amounts of fixatives added to the substitution medium followed by embedding of the plant material in Lowicry HM20 at low temperatures and UV polymerization has replaced conventional chemical fixation based methods for immunolocalizations on the ultrastructural level in our lab. This often results in excellent structural preservation as well as immunoreactivity and has allowed numerous collaborations with researchers interested in basic as well as biotechnological research. The image shows the plasmodesmatal connection of two Arabidopsis embryo cells as an example for such excellent structural preservation (MT=Microtuble; CW=Cell Wall; ER=Endoplasmic Reticulum; PD=Plasmodesmus).




 Ongoing projects



  •  Identification and characterization of the compartments of the endomembrane system in plants (1)
  •  Autophagy: origin of the autophagosome (2)
  •  Vacuole types and their development in root tips
  •  Sorting of storage proteins in developing legume cotyledons (3)


(1) - with Dr. Liwen Jiang (Biology Dept. Chinese Univ. Hong Kong), (2) - with Dr. Yuji Moriyasu (Univ. Shizuoka, Japan) (3) - with Prof. D.G. Robinson and Dr. G. Hinz





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