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Modellierung Biologischer Prozesse

Prof. Dr. Ursula Kummer

Prof. Dr. Ursula Kummer
Prof. Dr. Ursula Kummer
INF 267
69120 Heidelberg
Fon +49 6221 54-51278
Fax +49 6221 54-51483
ursula.kummer AET

The department of Modeling of Biological Processes focuses on the development of methods for the simulation, modelling and analysis of biochemical networks as well as on the application of these methods to tackle specific biochemical questions. Study of calcium signal transduction and information processing therein, interferon and TGFb signalling and the activation of human neutrophilic leukocytes are prominent application examples.


Die Abteilung wurde im Jahr 2007 gegründet und wird gefördert durch die  Klaus Tschira Stiftung.

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