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Molekulare Biologie der Pflanzen

Dr. Veli Vural Uslu

Dr. Veli Vural Uslu
Dr. Veli Vural Uslu
velivuraluslu AET



Acquisition of nutrients from the environment is an essential feature for survival of all organisms.

Plants as primary producers have evolved metabolic and developmental mechanisms to respond to

the dynamic changes of the nutrient availability in the rhizosphere. The investigation of this

interaction has recently gained great importance for sustainable crop production due to soil

exploitation and limiting resources for inorganic fertilizer production. 

My project aims at the elucidation of the very first event of nutrient sensing of the root in its

environment. The focus will be on the sequence and the spatiotemporal dynamics of sulfate

starvation and sulfate deficiency response, in high resolution using fluorescence-based sensors. The

functions of metabolite fluctuations as signals and their cause-consequence relationships will be

investigated by using reverse genetics in selected steps of the sulfur assimilation pathway.

In combination with the Root-chip technology, this will allow for the first time the analysis of the

primary sensing cascade in planta under controlled conditions in the laboratory. This will lead to the

identification of signaling metabolites and sensors, which is a prerequisite for crop improvement.

Eventually, I aim to generate a working model for sulfate sensing and signaling to contribute to the signal

transduction mechanisms in general.

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