Vergangene SymposienCOS-Symposium 2012

At the Root of Stemness

Symposium banner 2012

July 6, 2012 / Im Neuenheimer Feld 230 / COS Heidelberg 

What are the common mechanisms and functions of stems cells employed in organismal development and maintenance?

This question was addressed during the 2012 Symposium by sampling diverse experimental systems (fish, hydra, flies, plants, sponges, worms, salamanders) and highlighting similarities as well as differences in the control, use, and function of stem cells. Among the participants, the broad range of species and systems presented by the invited speakers led to fruitful discussions on developmental and evolutionary aspects of stem cell biology. 

Speakers: Alexa Bely (Maryland), Jeremy Brockes (London), Bruce Edgar (Heidelberg), Noriko Funayama (Kyoto), Volker Hartenstein (California), Mitsuyasu Hasebe (Okazaki), Thomas Holstein (Heidelberg), Jan Lohmann (Heidelberg), Elliot Meyerowitz (Cambridge), Jochen Wittbrodt (Heidelberg)