Vergangene SymposienCOS-Symposium 2013

Building Beauty - From Genes to Shape

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June 21, 2013 / Im Neuenheimer Feld 230 / COS Heidelberg

How is the genetic information of an organism translated to generate tissues from cells, and how are then tissues re-modelled to generate complex three dimensional biological structures such as a flower or a brain?

This question was addressed during the 2013 Symposium by bridging biological scales (cell, tissue and organisms), a wide range of models (mice, yeast, fish, hydra, flies, plants, cells), and an integration of quantitative approaches (mathematics, physics, modelling). The interdisciplinary nature of the symposium and the general appeal of the topic has served as an excellent platform to foster discussions and exchange of expertise between different scientific fields related to morphogenetic processes.

Speakers: Andrea Brand (Cambridge), Damian Brunner (Zürich), Francois Graner (Paris), Thomas Lecuit (Marseille), Alexis Maizel (Heidelberg), Olivier Pertz (Basel), Alain Prochiantz (Paris), Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz (Calgary), Erez Raz (Münster), Ulrich Schwarz (Heidelberg), Jan Traas (Lyon), Mihaela Zigmann (Heidelberg)