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The Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg aims to study organismic biology beyond the borders of organisational level. Research and teaching at COS is dedicated to study organismic biology from the basic molecular principles to cell biology, developmental biology and physiology both in plants and in animals and to further extend into evolution, biodiversity, systems biology and biotechnology.



ERC Synergy Grant

Jan Lohmann (COS) and his colleagues Michael Boutros (DKFZ), Wolfgang Huber (EMBL) und Oliver Stegle (EMBL/DKFZ) receive an ERC Synergy Grant over the next six years.


ERC Synergy Grant

Jochen Wittbrodt (COS) together with his colleague Ewan Birney (EBI, Hinxton, UK) receives an ERC Synergy Grant for up to six years.

Upcoming Event:


Single cell systems biology of adult stem cells in health and disease

Dr. Lars Velten, EMBL Heidelberg

Ingrid Lohmann

1st of March 2019 11:00 AM

INF 230 SR 00.001

Recent Publications:
Shi, D.; Lebovka, I.; Lopez-Salmeron, V.; Sanchez, P.; Greb, T. 2019 Bifacial cambium stem cells generate xylem and phloem during radial plant growth Development 146 1 doi: 10.1242/dev.171355 [Link]

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