Teaching facilities at COS

The contribution of COS Heidelberg to teaching in the life sciences is reflected in the range of teaching rooms available. Numerous large and small lecture halls, seminar rooms and, last but not least, practical laboratories are available at all of the center's locations.

Provision of adequate and modern infrastructure in the teaching rooms is essential and is highly prioritized.

For this reason, extensive refurbishment is currently taking place in our buildings. This requires a certain amount of improvisation and flexibility, but we are making every effort to keep disruption to our courses to a minimum.

Please make sure to catch up on any changes to your courses in good time.

Lecture halls

  • INF 230, ground floor, room 00.001, „kleiner Hörsaal“
  • INF 230, ground floor, room 00.006 „Großer Hörsaal“ („Ludwig von Bertalanffy-Lecture hall“)
  • INF 360, ground floor, „Großer Hörsaal Botanik“

Course laboratories

  • INF 230, ground floor,  room 00.008 Molbio Praktikum 1, groß
  • INF 230, ground floor, room 00.009 Molbio Praktikum 2, klein
  • INF 230, ground floor, room 00.007 Praktikum Mikroskopie („Glaskasten“)
  • INF 230, basement, room 99.024 „Physiologischer Praktikumsraum“
  • INF 230, basement, room 99.027 „Praktikum Histologie und Entwicklungsbiologie“
  • INF 360, ground floor, room 001, „Mikroskopiersaal“
  • INF 360, ground floor, room 003, „Molbiolabor“

Other premises of the COS research groups are used for various practical courses in addition.

Seminar rooms

  • INF 230, ground floor, room 00.004 „kleiner Seminarraum“
  • INF 230, ground floor, room 00.005 „großer Seminarraum“
  • INF 360, ground floor, room 007, „Seminarraum 007“
  • INF 361, ground floor, room 00.001, „Seminarraum BoGaZentrum“, separable

Further seminar rooms of the COS working groups are available at all buildings of the center and are partly also used for lectures.

Teaching rooms in INF 230 (ground floor)


Teaching rooms in INF 230 (basement)


Teaching rooms in INF360

All teaching rooms in the building “Im Neuenheimer Feld 360” are located on the ground floor and are accessible from the foyer or main corridor.

Teaching rooms in INF361 (BoGaZentrum)

The seminar rooms in the “BoGaZentrum” are located on the ground floor. Find the entrance doors to the right after entering the building.