Scientific Events at COS

With lectures, seminar series and symposia, the Centre for Organismal Study (COS) aims to provide stimulating scientific discourse for the research community reflecting the diverse research interests of COS.

COS Keynotes

COS Keynote speakers are invited two to four times per year to present research of general interest to the COS scientific community as well as to the Heidelberg life science campus, in particular research across systematic boundaries or concepts of very broad impact. This format starts in 2020 and replaces the COS Lectures.

COS Seminarreihen

Several seminar series are available at COS and in cooperation with other institutions on campus, which are dedicated to providing a forum – in particular for PhD students and postdocs - for scientific exchange.

COS Symposium

The Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) invites on a bi-annual basis to an international symposium on current research topics in the life sciences. It is the aim to bring together scientists from different disciplines of basic research and to discuss latest research on the biology of animals and plants.

COS Symposium 2024 - Free registration

Bertalanffy Lecture Series

The Bertalanffy Lecture Series was initiated with the aim to provide a better understanding of integrative approaches in systems oriented biology both for high school students and for scientists on campus. The semi-annual lecture regularly attracts over 200 students from high schools in Heidelberg as well as other cities and resonates very well on campus. A laboratory practical offering insights into research and lab work for interested high school students complements the Bertalanffy Lecture Series.

An event calendar is in preparation.