Prof. Karin SchumacherCell Biology

Due to their sessile lifestyle, plants need to efficiently adapt their metabolic and developmental program to changing and often unfavourable environmental conditions. Adaptation often involves considerable fluctuations of metabolite and ion concentrations between tissues, cells and organelles that are mediated either by membrane transport or vesicular trafficking. Our lab has shown that in the model plant Arabidopis the V-ATPase, a highly conserved eukaryotic proton-pump, does not only fuel secondary active transport processes but also plays an important role in the regulation of endocytic and secretory trafficking.



Karin Schumacher

Current research aims at understanding the regulatory networks that control V-ATPase activity as well as the identification of the biological interactions that depend on the activity of this complex proton-pump. Using Arabidopsis as our main model system, we employ genetics and cell biology as well as biochemistry and physiology to provide knowledge that could eventually lead to novel strategies for improved crop yield under stress conditions.

The group also has a strong structural emphasis (see also Electron Microscope Facility) having state-of-the-art equipment for antigen localization at the electron microscopic (cryosectioning, high pressure freezing) and light microscopic (CLSM) levels.

Recent publications:


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