Home of the plant stress physiology groupDr. Markus Wirtz

Plants are sessile organisms that must cope with environmental challenges on site.

To understand how plants coordinate their resources in response to such stimuli,  we focus on four closely related aspects of plant development and stress tolerance:

1. Perception of nutrient supply by reversible protein-protein interaction.

2. Impact of nutrient supply on hormone biosynthesis, developmental plasticity and stress tolerance.

3. Regulation of cell division, translation, and proteostasis by the sensor kinases Target of rapamycin.

4. The role of N-terminal protein acetylation in proteostasis and stress responses.

From Genome via Molecules and structures to physiological responses

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    in vivo glutathione staining
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    ABA quantification in stomata cells
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    SAT crystal structure
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    Ultra structure of naa60 cell
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    Stress-sensitivity of NatB depleted plants