Molecular and Applied Plant Sciences majorCareer and Alumni

 MAPS graduates will, based on their broad interdisciplinary and integrative university training, qualify for a broad range of career opportunities. They can, for example, pursue a career in research, starting with a PhD, to be subsequently employed in responsible and leading positions at universities, academic and non-academic research institutes and biotech or agribusiness companies. Other promising job opportunities can be found in management, consulting, policy and communication in federal ministries, governmental and non-governmental organisations, breeding or other agribusiness companies. Positions in research funding organisations, scientific journalism, in the field of patents, plant variety protection, intellectual property rights, horticultural associations, or international organisations such as the EU represent additional employment possibilities.

MAPS graduates will be able to contribute to the sustainable development of plant production and agriculture at various integration levels in the areas of fundamental and applied Plant Sciences and Agriculture. In addition, due to their profound expertise and broad proficiency, MAPS graduates can also strive for employments in all other prominent areas of Life Sciences.

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WS 2014/15Apolonio HuertaPhD at ETH Zurich
WS 2014/15Rachel RöhrichPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2014/15John WaldenPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2014/15Tobias ZieglerPhD at DLR Neustadt
WS 2013/14Jana Christin AskaniPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2013/14Sebastian AugustinPhD at UNIL Lausanne
WS 2013/14Denis JanochaPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2013/14Lanxin LiPhD in Austria
WS 2013/14Patrick von BornPhD in Cologne
WS 2013/14Marcel BeierPhD in Japan
WS 2013/14Philipp BellonPhD at the LMU Munich
WS 2013/14Friederike Grosse-HolzPhD in Oxford
WS 2013/14Andreas KolbeckPhD at UNIL Lausanne
WS 2013/14Vanessa SchmidtPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2013/14Anne-Kathrin SchürholzPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2013/14Mariana SchusterPhD at MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg
WS 2013/14Rebecca Vazquez KieselMaster at Technical University Munich in Management Field Of Study/Marketing, Strategy & Leadership
WS 2011/12Simon DelangPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2011/12Hannah DiercksPhD in Cologne at the MPI for plant breeding
WS 2011/12Yihan DongPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2011/12Elena KurzbachPhD in Braunschweig
WS 2011/12Bugra OzdemirPhD in Freiburg
WS 2011/12Meliha Görkem PatirPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2011/12Efrain Perez LaoCenter for Biodiversity & Drug Discovery, Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services in Panama
WS 2011/12Kevin RothPhD, School of Medicine
WS 2010/11Lotte BaldTechnician in Heidelberg
WS 2010/11Marta Castiella OnaZIM Plant Technology Berlin
WS 2010/11Fabian FinkTechnician in Heidelberg
WS 2010/11Van Thi LuuPhD at the MPI Jena
WS 2010/11Nicolas MattesPhD in the Phillipines at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Heidelberg
WS 2010/11Fernando Rodriguez JahnkePhD in Freiburg
WS 2010/11Stefan SchollPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2010/11Ayca SeyhanPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2010/11Gözde UtanStudies of Medicine in Italy
WS 2010/11Amaya Vilches BarroPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2009/10Janina FerdinTechnician at DKFZ Heidelberg
WS 2009/10Falco KrügerPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2009/10Upendo LupangaPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2009/10Pascal PucholtMSc Biotechnologie
WS 2009/10Chao YangPhD in Heidelberg
WS 2008/09Monika HuberPhD in Heidelberg, Teaching coordinator
WS 2008/09Katja Rosenbaum-FeldbrüggeBiology Editor/Lector at Springer Spektrum Verlag Heidelberg
WS 2008/09Saskia VernaldiPhD in Cologne
WS 2008/09Stefan WötzelMPI IMPRS Cologne
WS 2007/08Isabel AllerPhD and Postdoc Bonn
WS 2007/08Alexander LerichPhD in Heidelberg, Postdoc at Yale University and Heidelberg
WS 2007/08Eva StaufferPhD in Tübingen, Postdoc in Heidelberg, Scientist at BASF