Vergangene SymposienCOS-Symposium 2015

Darwin 2.0 - New Tools to Go Through Time

Symposium banner 2015

June 17, 2015 / Im Neuenheimer Feld 230 / COS Heidelberg

How have organisms evolved novel traits that allowed them to explore new ecological niches, and how do we reconstruct this process from evidence available today?

This question will be addressed during the 2015 Symposium by unifying differing experimental approaches used to infer the evolutionary history, ranging from the origin of animal diversity during the Cambrian explosion to recent efforts to assess the impact of environmental change on the evolution of global ecosystems. We expect this Symposium to serve as an exchange of new results and current models, to excite young scientists and to spark new ideas for questions, approaches, and the use of novel model systems to investigate the links between evolution, development and ecology. 

Speakers: Patrícia Beldade (Oeiras), Francesca Benzoni (Milan), Graham Budd (Uppsala), Emmanuel Gaquerel (Heidelberg), Nicolas Gompel (Munich), Gáspár Jékely (Tübingen), Jose Jimenez-Gomez (Cologne), Steffen Lemke (Heidelberg), John Pannell (Lausanne), Ulrich Technau (Vienna), Alexandros Stamatakis (Heidelberg)