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Instantaneous isotropic volumetric imaging of fast biological processes

Nils Wagner, Nils Norlin, Jakob Gierten, Gustavo de Medeiros, Bálint Balázs, Joachim Wittbrodt, Lars Hufnagel, Robert Prevedel
bioRxiv 459370; doi:

Automated high troughput heart rate measurement in medaka and zebrafish embryos under physiological conditions

Jakob Gierten, Christian Pylatiuk, Omar T Hammouda, Christian Schock, Johannes Stegmaier, Joachim Wittbrodt, Jochen Gehrig, Felix Loosli.

bioRxiv 548594; doi:


*Equal contribution

  • Weinhardt V, Shkarin R, Wernet TWittbrodt J, Baumbach T, Loosli F. (2018). Quantitative morphometric analysis of adult teleost fish by X-ray computed tomography. Sci Rep. 8(1):16531.

Abstract: Vertebrate models provide indispensable paradigms to study development and disease. Their analysis requires a quantitative morphometric study of the body, organs and tissues. This is often impeded by pigmentation and sample size. X-ray micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) allows high-resolution volumetric tissue analysis, largely independent of sample size and transparency to visual light. Importantly, micro-CT data are inherently quantitative. We report a complete pipeline of high-throughput 3D data acquisition and image analysis, including tissue preparation and contrast enhancement for micro-CT imaging down to cellular resolution, automated data processing and organ or tissue segmentation that is applicable to comparative 3D morphometrics of small vertebrates. Applied to medaka fish, we first create an annotated anatomical atlas of the entire body, including inner organs as a quantitative morphological description of an adult individual. This atlas serves as a reference model for comparative studies. Using isogenic medaka strains we show that comparative 3D morphometrics of individuals permits identification of quantitative strain-specific traits. Thus, our pipeline enables high resolution morphological analysis as a basis for genotype-phenotype association studies of complex genetic traits in vertebrates.

  • Gutierrez-Triana JA*, Tavhelidse T*, Thumberger T*, Thomas I, Wittbrodt B, Kellner T, Anlas K, Tsingos E, Wittbrodt J. (2018). Efficient single-copy HDR by 5' modified long dsDNA donors. Elife. 7. pii: e39468.
  • Lust K, Wittbrodt J. (2018). Activating the regenerative potential of Müller glia cells in a regeneration-deficient retina. eLife. 7. pii: e32319.
  • Inoue D*, Stemmer M, Thumberger T, Ruppert T, Bärenz F, Wittbrodt J*, Gruss OJ*. (2017). Expression of the novel maternal centrosome assembly factor Wdr8 is required for vertebrate embryonic mitoses. Nat Commun. 8:14090. DOI:


  • Tsingos E, Höckendorf B, Sütterlin T, Kirchmaier S, Grabe N, Centanin L, Wittbrodt J. (2019). Retinal stem cells modulate proliferative parameters to coordinate post-embryonic morphogenesis in the eye of fish. Elife. 8. pii: e42646.
  • Eckert P, Knickmeyer MD, Schütz L, Wittbrodt J, Heermann S. (2019). Morphogenesis and axis specification occur in parallel during optic cup and optic fissure formation, differentially modulated by BMP and Wnt. Open Biol. 9(2):180179.
  • Lischik CQ, Adelmann L, Wittbrodt J. (2019) Enhanced in vivo-imaging in medaka by optimized anaesthesia, fluorescent protein selection and removal of pigmentation. PLoS One. 14(3):e0212956.

    doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0212956

    . eCollection 2019.
  • Hammouda OT, Boettger F, Wittbrodt J, Thumberger T. (2019) Swift Large-scale Examination of Directed Genome Editing. PLoS One. 14(3):e0213317.

    doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0213317

    . eCollection 2019.
  • Kikuchi M, Nishimura T, Saito D, Shigenobu S, Takada R, Gutierrez-Triana JA, Cerdán JLM, Takada S, Wittbrodt J, Suyama M, Tanaka M. (2019). Novel components of germline sex determination acting downstream of foxl3 in medaka. Dev Biol. pii: S0012-1606(18)30516-5.


  • Weinhardt V, Shkarin R, Wernet T, Wittbrodt J, Baumbach T, Loosli F. (2018). Quantitative morphometric analysis of adult teleost fish by X-ray computed tomography. Sci Rep. 8(1):16531.
  • Saturnino AP, Lust K, Wittbrodt J. (2018). Notch signalling patterns retinal composition by regulating atoh7 during post-embryonic growth. Development. 2018 Oct 18. pii: dev.169698.
    Abstract: Patterning of a continuously growing naive field in the context of a life-long growing organ such as the teleost eye is of highest functional relevance. Intrinsic and extrinsic signals were proposed to regulate lineage specification in progenitors that exit the stem cell niche in the ciliary marginal zone (CMZ). The proper cell type composition arising from those progenitors is prerequisite for retinal function. Our findings in the teleost medaka (Oryzias latipes) uncover that the Notch-Atoh7 axis continuously patterns the CMZ. The complement of cell-types originating from the two juxtaposed progenitors marked by Notch or Atoh7 activity contains all constituents of a retinal column. Modulation of Notch signalling specifically in Atoh7-expressing cells demonstrates the crucial role of this axis in generating the correct cell type proportions. After transiently blocking Notch signalling, retinal patterning and differentiation is reinitiated de novo Taken together we show that Notch activity in the CMZ continuously structures the growing retina by juxtaposing Notch and Atoh7 progenitors giving rise to distinct, complementary lineages, revealing a coupling of de novo patterning and cell-type specification in the respective lineages.

    Article has an altmetric score of 4

  • Roussigné M, Wei L, Tsingos E, Kuchling F, Alkobtawi M, Tsalavouta M, Wittbrodt J, Carl M, Blader P, Wilson SW. (2018). Left/right asymmetric collective migration of parapineal cells is mediated by focal FGF signaling activity in leading cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 115(42):E9812-E9821.
    Abstract: The ability of cells to collectively interpret surrounding environmental signals underpins their capacity to coordinate their migration in various contexts, including embryonic development and cancer metastasis. One tractable model for studying collective migration is the parapineal, a left-sided group of neurons that arises from bilaterally positioned precursors that undergo a collective migration to the left side of the brain. In zebrafish, the migration of these cells requires Fgf8 and, in this study, we resolve how FGF signaling correlates with-and impacts the migratory dynamics of-the parapineal cell collective. The temporal and spatial dynamics of an FGF reporter transgene reveal that FGF signaling is activated in only few parapineal cells usually located at the leading edge of the parapineal during its migration. Overexpressing a constitutively active Fgf receptor compromises parapineal migration in wild-type embryos, while it partially restores both parapineal migration and mosaic expression of the FGF reporter transgene in fgf8 -/- mutant embryos. Focal activation of FGF signaling in few parapineal cells is sufficient to promote the migration of the whole parapineal collective. Finally, we show that asymmetric Nodal signaling contributes to the restriction and leftwards bias of FGF pathway activation. Our data indicate that the first overt morphological asymmetry in the zebrafish brain is promoted by FGF pathway activation in cells that lead the collective migration of the parapineal to the left. This study shows that cell-state differences in FGF signaling in front versus rear cells is required to promote migration in a model of FGF-dependent collective migration.
  • Gutierrez-Triana JA*, Tavhelidse T*, Thumberger T*, Thomas I, Wittbrodt B, Kellner T, Anlas K, Tsingos E, Wittbrodt J. (2018). Efficient single-copy HDR by 5' modified long dsDNA donors. Elife. 7. pii: e39468.

    * Equal contribution

    Article has an altmetric score of 82

  • Knickmeyer MD(1)(2), Mateo JL(3), Eckert P(1)(2), Roussa E(1), Rahhal B(1), Zuniga A(4), Krieglstein K(1), Wittbrodt J(5), Heermann S(6). TGFβ-facilitated optic fissure fusion and the role of bone morphogenetic protein antagonism.
  • Inoue D, Wittbrodt J, Gruss OJ. (2018). Loss and Rebirth of the Animal Microtubule Organizing Center: How Maternal Expression of Centrosomal Proteins Cooperates with the Sperm Centriole in Zygotic Centrosome Reformation. Bioessays. 40(4):e1700135.
  • Europe PMC Pubmed
  • Lust K, Wittbrodt J. (2018). Activating the regenerative potential of Müller glia cells in a regeneration-deficient retina. eLife. 7. pii: e32319.

    doi: 10.7554/eLife.32319

  • Europe PMC

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  • Stemmer M, Thumberger T, Del Sol Keyer M, Wittbrodt J, Mateo JL. (2017). Correction: CCTop: An Intuitive, Flexible and Reliable CRISPR/Cas9 Target Prediction Tool. PLoS One. 12(4):e0176619.
  • [This corrects the article

    doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124633

    . ].
  • Pereiro L, Loosli F, Fernández J, Härtel S, Wittbrodt J, Concha ML. (2017). Gastrulation in an annual killifish: Molecular and cellular events during germ layer formation in Austrolebias. 2. Dev Dyn. 2017 Mar 1.
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  • Inoue D*, Stemmer M, Thumberger T, Ruppert T, Bärenz F, Wittbrodt J*, Gruss OJ*. (2017). Expression of the novel maternal centrosome assembly factor Wdr8 is required for vertebrate embryonic mitoses. Nat Commun. 8:14090.

    doi: 10.1038/ncomms14090

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  • Kirchmaier S, Lust K, Wittbrodt J. (5. Methods Mol Biol. 2017;1472:157-68.

    doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-6343-0_12

    . ). Generation of DNA Constructs Using the Golden GATEway Cloning Method. 5. Methods Mol Biol. 2017;1472:157-68.

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  • Gutierrez-Triana JA, Mateo JL, Ibberson D, Ryu S, Wittbrodt J. (2016). iDamIDseq and iDEAR: an improved method and computational pipeline to profile chromatin-binding proteins. Development. 143(22):4272-4278.

    doi: 10.1242/dev.139261

    Article has an altmetric score of 17

  • Nicolás-Pérez M, Kuchling F, Letelier J, Polvillo R, Wittbrodt J, Martínez-Morales JR. (2016). Analysis of cellular behavior and cytoskeletal dynamics reveal a constriction mechanism driving optic cup morphogenesis. Elife. 5. pii: e15797.

    Article has an altmetric score of 26

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    Article has an altmetric score of 8

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    Article has an altmetric score of 53

  • Friedrich J, Sorge S, Bujupi F, Eichenlaub MP, Schulz NG, Wittbrodt J, Lohmann I. (2016). Hox Function Is Required for the Development and Maintenance of the Drosophila Feeding Motor Unit. Cell Rep. 14(4):850-60.

    Article has an altmetric score of 70

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    doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv1029


    Article has an altmetric score of 3


  • Lust K, Wittbrodt J. (2015) Hold your breath. Elife. 2015 Dec 16;4:e12523.

    doi: 10.7554/eLife.12523


    Article has an altmetric score of 5

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    Article has an altmetric score of 1

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    Article has an altmetric score of 6

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    Article has an altmetric score of 3

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    Article has an altmetric score of 16

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    Article has an altmetric score of 1

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    Article has an altmetric score of 18

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    Article has an altmetric score of 69

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    Article has an altmetric score of 9

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    Article has an altmetric score of 10

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    Article has an altmetric score of 2

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    Article has an altmetric score of 3

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